Latest Testimonials

Some T2 Testimonials are listed here and provide some insight into how we have helped other businesses find real value and aggressive growth.


If you want to scale customer acquisition with TV, I’d highly recommend talking with T2. They are a boutique agency so you will get senior attention. Their founders are Todd Taylor and Rob Shippy

These guys have done work with: Credit Karma, American Advisors Group, Ring, Flipp, Liberty University, DirectBuy, SodaStream, and others.I’ve been working with them for a while, and they decreased our unit acquisition costs by multiples. It was dramatic. TV makes up a significant portion of acquisition marketing where I am now.

A few notes about direct response TV:

* TV is very scalable and can be efficient for customer acquisition

* Expect to spend at least $60k+ on media per month to learn; T2 can scale to $5-10MM / mth

* Commercials can run $25-$70k+ each to create. It will take several shots on goal to figure out if something’s working (these guys can provide contacts to creative agencies)

* Attribution/ROI is tricky. We triangulate data to optimize…when DRTV starts to work you’ll know it immediately

* Optimization can happen somewhat frequently i.e., daily/weekly.

Can’t recommend T2 highly enough if you want to do DRTV in a data-driven, acquisition-focused way. Ping Todd if you want more info on capabilities. He’s a direct and funny guy and you’ll learn a lot even if you decide not to pursue.

CMO-Contact info available upon request


T2 Advertising has been instrumental in helping us build an effective lead generation program through Adwords and Bing campaigns. Working with Randy is a pleasure; his knowledge and expertise with digital campaigns have realized an increase in lead flow, campaign optimization/efficiency, and a very solid ROI.

Director, Marketing-Contact info available upon request