What is DRTV?

Direct Response Television (DRTV) is television advertising that is designed to direct consumers to a “door” of their business.. Measurement is based on what a combination of offer, creative and media can get the consumer to do vs simply measuring how many people see the commercial. There are many situations where this is a great idea, since it can provide the potential customers with the most accurate information about the product or service and can often result in the lowest cost for the provider by not paying “guaranteed” to air rates.

DRTV skills are not common in traditional agencies. Understanding DRTV and having experience in the creation and targeting of messaging that will get cost effective results is an art and not a skill that can be acquired overnight.

DRTV commercial time is no less relevant than any other commercial time. Run your commercial in the same programming and networks as the largest advertisers at a rate that creates profitability for you on a per lead or per customer basis.

A lot of people talk direct response, but few are willing to put in the painstaking time to properly manage and grow a clients business while controlling ROI.